Jordan B Peterson

I find it dissatisfying that in Germany there are not enough voices speaking out about the psychological effect of individual degeneration. Jordan B. Peterson has held many lectures and put them on Youtube because he feels it is important to understand yourself deeply. He uses the biblical stories to illustrate what he is talking about and in so doing, gives an insight into the wisdom that is written into these archetypical stories.
Although he takes it upon himself to talk about the stories, he generally deviates into psychology and makes it clear that society, at any given time, is degenerating simply because degeneration is natural. You don’t have to do anything for things to degenerate, it is the natural order of things. That is why it is perfectly normal for young people, who witness the degeneration, to take to the streets protesting or complaining. What they have to realise is that when they are in the position to hand over, the next generation will complain at them too!
What each new generation must look at is the degree of degeneration and consider what they have. Especially in the West, there are many things that function – there are worse conditions in the world. What they therefore have is an advantage that they can use. They must, however, take into account that they are part of the degeneration, if they aim high in their own lives it will help the situation, but if they aim low, it will get worse. That is why the archetypical stories associate this with heroism. The hero takes responsibility and aims high in his own life and in what he does in the world. He confronts the unknown that surrounds us and fights the chaos.
Peterson says, that the experience of repairing structures helps us transform ourselves. The right attitude does everyone good. The bad attitude pulls everything down even further. The worst things that human beings ever did was made possible by the wrong attitude. Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, or Mao’s China were made possible because of personal degeneration in the population. “The “shadow” of each one of us leads directly to hell!” Peterson says.

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