Is happiness good enough?

When I think about what I have learned about the general degeneration of things, I have a whole new perspective. It is not alone the „fault“ of humanity (i.e. sin), but something that people have known for millennia and against which humanity has fought in various ways. By postponing the natural entropy of our immediate environment, later generations have consistently built on the achievements of earlier generations, without seriously endangering nature, but thereby improving conditions for humanity. For there is a built-in realization in man that mankind must fight against degeneration and find meaning in the process. It has always been the ambition of heroes to fight chaos and face the unknown.
This has somehow fallen into disrepute among later generations like ours, and it is no longer the struggle against natural degeneration that attracts heroes, but the attainment of happiness. This is clearly a change of perspective. What is happiness in the end? Without knowing what the goal is, we lose the ability to tackle problems and find meaning in the solution. It is also the shift of priority to personal happiness that unsettles us in a world that simply has to degenerate. We do not recognize the dangers we create by the lack of real goals and making personal happiness our only motivation.
The degeneration of societies in the 20th century was a major event with so many millions of violent deaths, the degeneration of nature with huge numbers of extinct species, the destruction of the rainforest, to name but a few. Nietzsche said before these developments that it was because of the death of God and prophesied what would happen. The fact that God was a symbolic force in the fight against degeneration (i.e. sin) gave a large part of humanity an abstract story to guide it and thus achieve personal and social goals. Without the embedding of such stories in personal life, the goal is low and therefore the preparation for the fight against degeneration is not developed.
There may be people who find this all too depressing, but the early 21st century has proved to be a continuation of the last. Of course the degeneration looks different, but chaos lurks around the corner and the results of the past degeneration (the Soviet Union has also fallen because of degeneration) are still with us and the suffering continues without seriously understanding the causes. This means that the adopted solutions of the past, war and exploitation, are still with us in today’s generations. Sometimes there is a fatalistic tendency („there will be a war“) that arises because other perspectives are missing.
What is the solution? When the ancient Christian and Jewish myths and metaphors are no longer acceptable (I think they are), we must find a way to symbolize the struggle against degeneration and to promote the struggle against chaos and the unknown. A book bought by many people was 12 Rules of Life by Jordan Peterson. It is an attempt to give people reason to fight against chaos. The four noble truths of Buddhism have been a guide for thousands of years. There are probably many more inspiring sources, but we have to pay attention to them. We must aim high, even in our personal lives, so that we can ascend from degeneration.

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