Save the planet?

Save the planet?
The excitement about the damage inflicted on the planet has indeed been very strange, considering that the planet as such is not in danger. However, all mammals, including humans, are in danger. The name „lung of the world“ for the rainforests is misleading if you don’t make it clear that the air we all need is produced there. The fact that ecology is something we all need to be involved in and that it must be a big issue at meetings like the G7/8 is slowly becoming an insight for people who haven’t thought about it yet.
However, one difficulty that needs to be taken into account is the fact that national borders prevent rapid reactions – and nationalism is spreading. If diplomatic channels have to be opened first so that people understand that there is a problem and there is no immediate joint effort to resolve it, the response will be too slow and cause damage that could otherwise be avoided. Even if global warming comes and goes in cycles, as has been suggested, the effects of global warming must be addressed. Nationalism seems to pose the problem at the feet of nations that have no resources to respond in the necessary way.
Another aspect that has become an issue in my life is the question of whether individuals can make a small contribution, but in a way that makes a difference overall. For example, car sharing or the delivery services that deliver drinks in returnable bottles. Or to buy fruit and vegetables in paper bags instead of plastic. Individually, this is not a big deal, except that it makes the personal choice a little narrower, but globally it could make a difference. A very big deal is the consumption of meat, which currently means that there are more cows and bulls, pigs, sheep, and chickens (to name a few) in the world than ever before, taking up space (including cleared rainforest areas) and warming the atmosphere.
It is our habits, and industrialization, that is designed to fulfill these habits that cause problems in the world and endanger our livelihoods. The planet would continue to produce life that could live under the circumstances we have created, but we could not live without clean air and clean water. We cannot wait a thousand years for the world to recover. WE must act now or explain to our children why we did not do it.

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