Is this the end of democracy in the United Kingdom?

The answer to that question would hopefully be no, but the country is divided and perhaps more than ever there are many political groups outside Parliament’s control. As political wings of the two major parties, the extreme left and the extreme right are pulling the strings that lead to political behaviour to which we are not accustomed. The politicians in the middle seem to be unsure of how to react. In fact, the biggest problem in politics lately is that the left does not know how to react in a way that benefits people, but is clear in the minds of voters. Voters need clear statements and they need to know what decisions mean to them.
In effect, this means that people overcome polarity by understanding what the possibilities are and what they can do. For a long time, politicians have been saying, leave it to us, we will treat you right. They referred to the long history of the party and offered a headline. That is not enough.

The political state of the country is polarisation, all the more so since Brexit became an issue. Polarisation is the first step towards a state of mind that only looks for what you think is a strong leader. Populists have received the chance to gain influence without much groundwork on a silver plate. If we as voters want to regain sovereignty over our vote, we need to do more. However, politicians must also do more to inform voters. This has been lacking, especially from Members of the European Parliament.

When I take a step back and try to see everything through an objective lens, it seems that the country must undergo a mindfulness exercise to let the excitement fade away so that we can return to our daily tasks in a matter-of-fact way. It must be the task of politicians to provide clear information about everything and of the voters to inform themselves properly.

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