Colliding with Reality

It’s significant that today’s movies are geared to the fact that there’s a perfect technology, a superhero, or a monotonously overpowering enemy in order to be interesting. It has little to do with the life that most of us have. That’s what’s wanted, of course. Nothing is more boring than everyday life, and it’s regularly portrayed that way. The stories that are interesting today are excursions into a fantasy world. The times in which a story about special, but quite human, people who have come to a special situation are rare.

Even if there is such a situation that might be interesting, people are often as the media wants them to be. It has to be politically correct. The heroes are now homosexual or transsexual, which was not „PC“ ten years ago. But that way we can see how the media goes one step further and imposes its portrayal of reality on us. It’s a power, and that power expects us to swallow the pill.

Whoever does not want this version of the truth is immediately suspicious. In student circles, one can even be excluded if one does not take part. The gender discussion is also here and there not to be questioned. Such things that are present in Anglo-American societies precede German society – as always. It is imported, no matter what. If the Europeans were as careful with (sub)cultures as with food, we wouldn’t have some problems.

I recently saw a video of a transsexual Person who had herself surgically transformed into a man. She wouldn’t do it today – and regret it or not, it can’t be changed. Like so many things in life. Must it get that far before you collide with reality?

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