Hello 2022!

If there is anything that New Year’s Eve is useful for, it is to see off the last year in an alcoholic haze. It is the only day in the year in which I drink too much and usually stumble down the hill back home, propped up by my loving wife. Fortunately, I am just stupid when I have had too many, not violent or unpleasant, just stupid. I am also very goal orientated; my goal being getting into my bed at home before the lights go out. This year was a little different in that my focus was considerably impaired and I saw double the amount of people on the street than Monika could see, and the few cars that came our way seemed to have four headlights.

Whatever! I reached home with Monika’s help and stumbled into the bathroom, managed to get myself undressed and eventually fall into bed without being too much of a problem for my wife. On waking after 6 hours, I drank a glass of water, then two coffees and tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t, and ended up sitting at my computer writing this. For someone who very rarely drinks enough to get drunk, I think I behave quite responsibly, and it is a way of releasing the feeling of anxiety that often accompanies me for once a year.

Now we’re back in the game in the new year, which isn’t going well for many people, even hours after starting. Many are infected with the virus, which doesn’t seem to be abating, but instead enjoying itself by spreading all over the world, even to the Maldives, which is as far off the grid as you can get, excluding the north and south pole of course. Of course, we have the conspiracy theorists who exchange facts for the wildest theories, comparing western countries to dictatorships, which they have no idea about, shouting on the streets that they are not allowed to express their opinion, whilst in real dictatorships, people are locked away to prevent the virus spreading.

The world is in a terrible state, with superpowers threatening each other again, and people who live in freedom desiring authoritarian leadership, presumably in order to pass their responsibility onto someone else. The climate is becoming unpredictable in many ways, by which I am not just referring to global warming. The storms, flooding, rising sea levels, fluctuating temperatures, and thawing ice sheets are just a mirror of our own misguided mentality, and may lead to doing away with us permanently. I am drunk once a year, but it seems that mankind is perpetually inebriated.